We Are Drug Free

While many companies advertise their service departments as Drug Free, very few, if any, will take this claim as seriously as we do. At MrCentral, we have zero tolerance for drug usage. For us, it is more than a claim; it is a way of life.

All applicants are drug-tested as part of the hiring process, and once they join our team they are subject to random independent testing on a regular basis. In the case of any accident on the job, testing is automatic. Interestingly, to hire one drug-free technician we usually have to interview 20 people. It makes one wonder where the other 19 are working.

Why is drug testing important? Most incidents of violent crimes are committed by someone you have let into your home voluntarily. Many thefts of valuable items are committed by people you trust. Drug users are more likely to commit crimes, so it is in the best interest of all our clients that we make sure none of our employees use drugs.

Drug Free employees don’t want to work with substance abusers, so our Drug Free environment breeds excellence. Our staff members are proud of the fact they are Drug Free, and they don’t tolerate drug usage from their friends or co-workers.

We are so confident about our policies and our staff we guarantee we will never send a substance abuser into your home, and if we ever do, we will cheerfully refund your service call.

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