Keeping Household Bugs Out of Your Home & HVAC System

household bugs

household bugs

Your HVAC system is a key piece of equipment that keeps everyone within your home comfortable. Sometimes, even pests and household bugs can find refuge in the comfortable nature of your home. If you didn’t already know, when the weather begins to cool down and the winter months edge nearer, warmer homes are a hub for household pests and bugs. However, it’s not uncommon for them to scurry off into the main heat source when you try to exterminate them, leaving you anxious and on edge waiting for the unwanted visitor to show itself again.

No one wants insects and pests running rampid in their home, I mean… that’s the stuff that nightmares and fears are fueled by. Other than the personal feeling of wanting a completely bug-free home for your mental and emotional health, pests and rodents can cause serious damage to your HVAC system, costing you money and time that you could have potentially avoided. Mr. Central Heating & Air Conditioning in Augusta is here to provide you with some helpful tips and suggestions to keeping pests and household bugs from your home, as well as safely out of your HVAC system.

If you’ve already validated that you have a serious insect problem inside your HVAC system, Mr. Central recommends contacting a professional pest exterminator to eliminate the problem as soon as possible. However, if you are looking for the best tips to keeping insects and household bugs out of your HVAC system and your home, Mr. Central Heating & Air Conditioning in Augusta has provided some of the best preventative measures to keeping your home and HVAC unit pest-free.

Keep your HVAC pest-free with these tips

Put screens over the air vents

Did you know that the household bugs and pests’ main point of entry into your home is the air vents? If you’re seeing small insects and spiders in your house, then there is a good chance that they crawled into your home through a duct opening.

One solution to keep the bugs from entering your home through the air ducts and vents is to install insect screens on both your indoor and outdoor vents. This project can be done professionally or DIY but ensure that everything is secured and sealed once the vent screens are installed. Contact the HVAC professionals at Mr. Central in Augusta to determine whether or not vent screens can help keep the unwanted household bugs and pests from inside your home,

Search for any cracks or plants around your home

Another one of the biggest points of entry for household bugs and pests is through any cracks in the walls, foundation or windows of your home. If you are experiencing household pests and are looking for answers on where they may be coming from, you should check around your home for any cracks. Once you’ve inspected your house for cracks that are a possible point of entry for pests, the best solution is to caulk and seal them up to prevent future unwanted travelers.

Do you have plants and foliage surrounding your HVAC system? As you can imagine, an HVAC unit surrounded by plants and vegetation is a great way for bugs and insects to find their way inside the system and cause malfunctions. Make sure that you clear space around your HVAC unit for any plants, shrubbery, weeds and vines to keep the insects from clogging your unit. If you have window units, make sure the sides are sealed tight and you possibly should consider an insect screen like we mentioned above. For the safest and most secure way of ensuring no pests or household bugs are clogging your HVAC unit or entering your home, contact the air conditioning and heating professionals at Mr. Central in Augusta.

Call the pest & household bug professionals

If you are experiencing a heavy household bug and pest infestation you should call a licensed and professional exterminator immediately. There are many DIY options available, but if you believe you have a serious insect problem, you probably do. If you’re not a household bug or HVAC expert it could be potentially dangerous for you to fix certain equipment or spray pesticide inside your HVAC… DO NOT SPRAY ANY TYPE OF PESTICIDE IN YOUR HVAC! If pesticide gets into your HVAC, the dangerous fumes will spread all across your house and make you and your family sick.

If you know you have a household bug or pest problem, contact the best local exterminator near you to ensure the safety of your home and family.

Call an HVAC professional

If anything is negatively affecting your HVAC or you feel as if your HVAC system is not performing to its full potential due to household bugs or pests, contact the professionals at Mr. Central Heating & Air Conditioning in Augusta. The reputable and professional team at Mr. Central will perform an extensive inspection into your HVAC system and help you get your system functioning whether it was pests inside or other issues. If you think bugs and other pests stink now… how do you think they will smell getting fried in your heating ducts? 

Avoid that horrifying and gross scenario by contacting the HVAC professionals at Mr. Central in Augusta. We will thoroughly inspect for any cracked, damaged or malfunctioning parts of your HVAC system and bring comfort back to your home and family. Call Mr. Central for a pest-free and sealed home with our high-quality HVAC contractor services in the Augusta area and across the CSRA.