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During the year, your heating system accumulates dust and dirt, making it less efficient and costing you additional money in utility bills. After reviewing our heating service calls from last year, we discovered that a lot of these calls were due to a problem caused by lack of regular furnace tune-ups and maintenance. That’s why MrCentral has developed a comprehensive 21-point Precision Heater Tune-Up and Professional Heating System Cleaning and we are offering it at an unbeatable price of only $79*!

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Why Are We Making this Special Offer?

This offer is a great way for us to make more homeowners in the CSRA aware of our efficient, thorough, and professional heating services.


ONE: This is a great way for us to introduce homeowners in Aiken, North Augusta, Augusta, Evans to our unbeatably fast, clean, and professional heating services.

TWO: Industry experts are forecasting that energy prices are going to skyrocket in the months ahead. Electric and gas rates have already risen this year and are expected to continue to rise in the future. A precision tune-up and cleaning helps your furnace run more efficiently and use less energy…saving you money.

THREE: This special offer is the best thing you can do to prevent costly furnace and heating system breakdowns BEFORE they occur and to assure that your heating system is performing at peak efficiency throughout the winter and into next season.

So for a limited time, not only will you get a thorough tune-up of your heating system, you’ll have it performed by a seasoned MrCentral heating and furnace professional. It’s the smartest thing you can do to guarantee a warm, worry-free, energy-efficient home during the winter ahead!


Furnace 21-Point Precision Tune-Up


We can complete a tune-up on all makes and types of heating systems with 21-point precision. The 21-point precision tune-up can be performed on both gas and electric furnaces.

The 21-point precision tune-up is as follows:

  1. Camera inspection of furnace and heat exchanger
  2. Test airflow for deadly carbon monoxide
  3. Test ignition system for safe and proper operation
  4. Test safety and control circuits for proper operation
  5. Test exhaust system for proper venting
  6. Lubricate and clean blower motor air vents
  7. Measure temperature differences – supply and return
  8. Inspect and adjust fan belt tension (if applicable)
  9. Calibrate and level thermostat
  10. Inspect for combustible materials around furnace
  11. Brush, clean and vacuum burner
  12. Brush, clean and vacuum heat exchanger
  13. Test furnace flame for proper burn mechanism
  14. Clean or replace up to a 1″ filter
  15. Measure and adjust gas pressure for peak efficiency
  16. Lubricate all moving parts per manufacturer
  17. Measure amperage and voltage of blower motor
  18. Tighten and inspect all electrical wiring
  19. Clean upper and lower combustion vents
  20. Test for natural gas leaks
  21. Clean furnace exterior


Gas Boiler 24-Point Precision Tune-Up


Gas boiler tune-ups utilize a 24-point precision process.
The 24-point precision tune-up for gas boilers is as follows:

  1. Cycle boiler from thermostat to verify unit is functioning
  2. Inspect system for general problems (water leakage, burnt wires, physical damage)
  3. Verify appropriate supply of combustion air to boiler system
  4. Inspect boiler circuits for presence of air in piping
  5. Check for accumulation of dirt or rust on vent piping or draft hood. Also verify there are no holes, sagging of pipe, or signs of damage
  6. Ensure flue is sealed at chimney base
  7. Check boiler pressurization and add or remove pressure if needed
  8. Check condition and operation of all air elimination devices
  9. Check and test boiler high limit aquastat control & settings
  10. Drain expansion test (if applicable)
  11. Inspect expansion tanks for evidence of leakage or air infiltration
  12. If expansion tank is “diaphragm” type, check for proper pressurization
  13. Ensure that the safety relief valve pipe is 6” above the floor and that there are no leaks present
  14. Check and document flue draft readings using a draft meter
  15. Test low water cut-off devices for proper operation (if applicable)
  16. Test operation of any and all safety devices
  17. Complete a comprehensive combustion analysis and document all readings
  18. Check for appropriate gas pressure both from the meter and to the manifold
  19. Verify there are no gas leaks on piping with a leak detection solution and/or electronic leak detector
  20. Verify proper operation of all circulator pumps, zone valves, and relays
  21. Check and inspect flame ignition and proving circuits
  22. Oil/lubricate motors or pumps (if applicable)
  23. Test for proper voltage to the boiler
  24. Verify integrity of all wiring/electrical connections


Oil Furnace or Oil Boiler 21-Point Precision Tune-Up


We can also complete a tune-up on furnaces and boilers that operate on oil. We use 21-point precision to tune-up these types of heating systems.
The 21-point precision tune-up is as follows:

    1. Disconnect and inspect flue piping from unit
    2. Sweep out accessible soot & vacuum from equipment
    3. Brush and vacuum flue pipe
    4. Clean area around the burner
    5. Remove and replace oil filter
    6. Remove and replace pump strainer, if applicable
    7. Replace oil nozzle with OEM specified replacement
    8. Clean & inspect electrodes for damage & cracks in the porcelain body
    9. Set electrode spacing to OEM specifications
    10. Clean the combustion head of all soot and debris
    11. Remove and clean flame detection device (CAD Cell)
    12. Inspect the ignition transformer & any associated wiring/electrical connections
    13. Clean the blower wheel and air control of any lint or debris
    14. Check all wiring for secure connections & overall integrity
    15. Inspect area for oil leaks
    16. Inspect all oil lines and fittings for leaks & secure connections
    17. Adjust burner to OEM specifications and/or industry standards
    18. Oil motors, if applicable
    19. Check for correct voltage supply to burner
    20. Complete a thorough & proper heat exchanger safety inspection
    21. Perform a thorough & accurate combustion analysis & make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimum performance & efficiency


60 minutes is all it takes to be assured of worry-free heater operation the rest of the winter!


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