Solar Energy Systems

As photovoltaic solar panels become more affordable, solar power becomes a more viable solution to reducing peak residential energy consumption, reducing energy bills and demand for electricity. Mr. Central Heating and Air is your source for solar.

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioning, also known as Solar Assisted Air Conditioning, uses the power of sun to reduce your energy usage dramatically. Like a traditional central air conditioning system, there is high an efficiency compressor and an air handler but added are solar collectors mounted on the roof.

Solar power provides an alternative resource during the hours when air conditioning drives energy demand higher and peak energy relief is needed most. A solar-assisted air conditioning or heat pump system can typically save 80 to 90 percent of the energy required to cool a home, and it works just as well in the winter helping to drastically decrease energy costs year round!

Mr. Central Air Conditioning solar air conditioning systems:

  • do not compromise on comfort. Performance is equal to or better than standard units.
  • perform best on longer days with more sun.
  • include a brand new 16 SEER of higher reverse cycle heat pump central air conditioning system.
  • deliver SEER ratios in the 20s — as high as 33 — with solar energy aiding the compressor.
  • can cut your annual central air conditioning and heating cost up to 50 percent