Customer Reviews

Other satisifed customers have said …

  • Mr. Malcolm Hitt said we installed a new unit for him on Nov. 11, 2009. He said our install crew was very organized and professional. He is very happy.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Epperson stated that we have high morals and he is glad that we came out, we are honest and trustworthy and he will be going ahead with recommendations made by Mr. Central.
  • Ms. Irene Phllips called us to thank TJ for doing such a great job. TJ told her he would return with a part for her unit and he returned and did what he promised. She said her unit was rattling for a long time, but TJ fixed it. She is very happy with TJ and wanted to let us know.
  • Mr. Bob Bristol called our office to thank us for everything we did to take care of issues with his new system. He is happy our guarantee means something and that we back up our promise with prompt and courteous action.
  • Mrs. Brown called and said that Mr. Central’s Carpentry division did an absolutely wonderful job on the damaged ceiling. She said it looks wonderful!
  • Fred & Joan Locke called to thank us for the great gift basket they received! She also booked an estimate appt for Mr. Central to speak to her about replacement of their water heater before it becomes a problem. She is very impressed with Mr. Central!
  • Ms. McDaniel called in after service to say how impressed she was with Mr. Central and his technicians. The technicians were very professional, nice, very informative, and they answered all her questions and cleaned up after themselves! She stated she would definitely recommend us to her friends and family and felt we are a very trustworthy company. She stated she just had to call in and commend our technicians and Mr. Central!
  • Robert McCoy called to schedule a return appointment and he said Mr. Central’s comfort advisor was an awesome tech and he would never allow anyone else to work on his unit. He knows what he is doing and also gets him taken care of.