Top 10 Questions to Ask HVAC Contractors Before You Hire Them


hvacTo keep the inhabitants of a property comfortable, many homes in the US get climate control systems installed. An HVAC contractor is a business whose professionals are tasked with designing, installing, and maintaining those systems. These service technicians aim to provide acceptable indoor quality and thermal comfort.

HVAC professionals, like Mr. Central, do business relating to air conditioning, ventilating, and heating. But, not all HVAC contractors have the same skillset, focus, or experience. To help you hire the very best, here are very important questions to ask your next HVAC contractor.

1. What’s Your Experience?

States usually require heating and air conditioning contractors to have certain experience before licensing. Most states require between two and five years of HVAC experience.

The experience provides the skill a contractor needs to handle your property issues. Also, find out if the contractor has experience working with the type of system your property uses.

2. What New Technology Should I Invest In?

If you want better service in your home or business, then you should consider hiring a heating and air conditioning service that uses the latest technology. Whether or not you’re replacing, refurbishing or repairing an older HVAC system, there are high chances that technology has improved since the older system was installed.

You’re probably going to have several new technological advances that are more efficient and cost-effective. You want to make sure the system can withstand different factors such as updates or weather changes. Ask for these recommendations before hiring residential HVAC contractors.

3. What’s the Issue With My Current HVAC System?

This question is meant to help gauge the kind of service you can get from the HVAC contractor. It as well will help you figure out if the contractor is trustworthy or not.

For instance, a credible AC repair service will first want to know the issues with your system. They will also want to know the age of your HVAC to help them determine if you should replace it.  You should also expect a reliable service to teach you basic HVAC repair steps.

Also, pay attention to how a contractor responds to your questions. Credible HVAC contractors take time to answer questions using simple terms.  Be cautious of people who tell you to replace your unit without even seeing it.

4. Do You Have References?

If a contractor doesn’t have a list of references then that’s a cause for worry. Any credible HVAC contractor won’t hesitate to provide a couple of references so you can ascertain the quality of their service.

The more references a contractor provides, the better it is for you. You can pick several random names from the list, contact them and ask about the services of the company you’re about to hire. The replies you get will help determine whether to work with them or find another one.

5. Will You Inspect Everything?

When it comes to HVAC, most people focus on the heating and cooling parts of the system. If these elements are functioning well, many property owners forget about the other moving components in the system.

Ask your contractors if they will inspect everything. To figure this out, you’d want to ask questions like “will you inspect air filters?” or “can you check the thermostat and ductwork?”

6. How Efficient Will the New System Be?

A reliable contractor should tell you the SEER rating of your HVAC system. SEER rating is the quantity of cooling released divided by the energy used. This question will help you figure out if the new system will help save on your electricity bill.

Many HVAC professionals replace old furnaces with similar ones. Sometimes the requirements of home changes so you may ask if the contractor provides energy analysis. Perhaps the old system failed because of these changes.

7. What’s Your Physical Address?

Don’t work with an HVAC contractor that doesn’t have a business address that you can visit. If the business doesn’t provide an address, then that’s a red flag.

Many serious contractors have a physical location and office staff (or at least a virtual office or P.O. Box). Besides, if you need further clarification or have complaints, there should be someone to listen. An HVAC contractor that doesn’t have a person to speak to customers might be some type of scam.

8. Do You Perform Ductwork Inspection?

Your ductwork facilitates all the cooling and heating in your home or business. So, if it has issues, then your HVAC might be compromised.

Ducts going through unconditioned areas like basements and garages need good insulation. If not, they may decrease the effectiveness of your HVAC by a significant margin. Leaking ductwork can also affect your HVAC so the company should examine for outflows and fix them.

If there are any constrained ducts, kinks and disconnects, the contractor will also address them. If they can provide all these then you’re likely about to hire the right company.

9. Who Will Install the New System?

As HVAC professionals, Mr. Central will first need to measure your property’s total heating and cooling space. This is an important phase when getting the right-sized HVAC unit.  Adhering to the right measurements ensures that you’ll benefit the most from your heating and cooling system.

Reputable contractors only hire trained and certified professionals who provide comprehensive HVAC assessments. The best part is that these technicians can install the best systems the right way.

10. Can Anything Be Salvaged?

Even if it’s the primary components of your HVAC system that become faulty, you may still be able to use the ducting.  This will usually reduce costs significantly without any real issue as far as performance is concerned. If a contractor doesn’t give you a clear and direct answer that could help you salvage and maintain your heating/cooling system, they may not be the right fit for the job. Mr. Central always evaluates your specific needs before suggesting the right HVAC for your home.

Choose the Right HVAC Contractor

As a HVAC professional, Mr. Central can assist with several areas including installation, maintenance, and repair of heating and air conditioning systems. You need to know you’re hiring the best HVAC service provider to handle the issues you need them for. Take some questions from the ones listed above to help you partner with the right contractor.

If you’re looking for qualified HVAC experts for your home or office system, feel free to schedule an appointment today.